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Conception Apr 16, 2019
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HOW TO: the simple three steps to check your fertility….

This article looks at what you need to know when it comes to your own fertility. AMH is a simple measure that can provide a great insight to your own personal fertility and a number that can help you plan your life more effectively and be as smart as possible about the inevitable decline in fertility as we age. We look at what it is, how it works and most crucially why it is a number every woman should know.

The statistics from the ONS back it up: we are having less kids (last year was the biggest drop since 2012) and we are getting older on average when we start to have them. In fact, the number of women getting pregnant over the age of 40 is almost double what it was 20 years ago and for the first time, more women are waiting until their thirties to have children than in their twenties.

A lot of this is driven by the way that our modern society has shifted; people are settling down later, women are prioritising their careers and education etc plus modern fertility techniques and intervention is now more widespread and accessible. There are pluses and minus to this shift of course, but one reality that wont change is biology.

Whether we like it or not – it is harder to get pregnant as you get older….

So what to do?

Step One: Know your own body….

When it comes to biological aging and fertility, although our fertility declines with age, the rate at which this happens is to an extent unique to the individual. So, if having kids is important to you, the smartest thing when making a decision about when is to know your own body and your own fertility trajectory. That way you can make educated decisions on your lifestyle and what works for you. Knowledge after all is empowering!

Step Two: how to do this? What is your ‘number’?

One of the easiest ways to start the process of ‘finding out your fertility’ is to get your AMH checked. What is this? As women, we are all born with a finite number of follicles (think underdeveloped eggs) and this number will decline as we age. AMH is a hormonal reading which gives us an indication of how many eggs you have in ‘reserve’. Click here for all you need to know in more detail plus a podcast if you’d rather listen.

Step Three: how?

Two choices:

One: very simple and convenient way is to order a test kit to do yourself. Google will provide you with many options to order a kit to your home and typically all it takes is a finger prick and 15 drops of blood and you send it off. What will come back is a reading of your AMH number.

Two: go to your doctor, get a simple blood test. The benefit here is that AMH is only one reading and if you go to your doctor, he or she can use this information alongside other factors to give you an even more comprehensive view of what your fertility looks like. This is particularly important if you have irregular periods and/or PCOS which can cause a distorted AMH reading. If that is the case your doctor may want to check FSH and LH levels plus potentially do an ultrasound.

If you would like to see a doctor to get this test done – our lovely expert advisor Mr Mahantesh Karoshi consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician is offering Better Babies readers a £50 discount if you would like to book for a same-day result. To do so please phone: 02075631234 or email and book for an AMH test mentioning ‘Better Babies’ to receive the discount. *** VERY IMPORTANT!! Nothing that is advised here is done for financial gain, so there is no commission gained for these bookings and Mr Karoshi is kindly discounting his own personal fee to promote better awareness and public health so give it a try! ***


This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The information on this website has been developed following years of personal research and from referenced and sourced medical research. Before making any changes we strongly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before you begin.

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Welcome to The Journey

Each month we will be giving away a curated box of goodies to suit the individual stage of your Journey, worth £100. To enter the draw and join us, enter your details below. Winner announced at the end of the month.


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